Clerk's Office

Clerks Office Responsibilities:

Staff is dedicated to the careful preservation of the Town's official records, and historical documents for the benefit of not only current but also future generations.

The Town Clerk is responsible for affixing the official Town Seal to all official documents. 

Assists Town Manager with preparation of the agenda for Town Council Meetings. 

Responsible for the preservation of the official actions of the town's legislative body by recording and publishing Council minutes. 

Arranges and maintains proceedings of Town Council appointments to its Committees, Boards and Commissions. 

Responsible for updating the Town Code by submitting annual supplements.

Administers Human Resource Staff to assist employees with workplace issues that support the operating personnel policies of the Town. 

Human Resource Staff handles all payroll reporting for Federal, State and employee deductions. 

Handles inquiries from citizens and other municipal departments, assisting the Council with correspondence, managing the appointments to the Council-appointed bodies, and handling research requests. 

Records management and record retention of town records for all departments. 

All members of the Clerks staff are continuing their education with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and are certified or working towards certification through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks in procedures, ethics, and conduct. 


Regina Harless, Town Clerk, CMC (Certified Municipal Clerk)
April Williams, Assistant Town Clerk
Lynne Sibold, Human Resource Clerk