Creative Writing Contest

The 2019 Creative Writing Contest was sponsored by the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and received submissions from students all over Giles County. 

Read the winning entries below and be sure to watch for the 2020 competition! 

2019 Winners:

Fiction (Age 8-13)

The Adventures of Wook-Nebb by George Black

The Fat Baby Seal by Dustin Adkins

The Emerald Stapler by Kira Estes

Fiction (Age 14-18)

Reggie the Janitor by Brandi Clemons

The Demon and the Princess by Michael T. Rafferty

Jayne Beamer by Natalia Leftwich

Poetry (Age 14-18)

"Is It Really Worth It?" by Brandi Clemons

"Demon Poem" by Layla Keller

"Roses are Red" by Emma Lucas